Brief History Of The Piqua Shawnee Tribe


This is an ethnic group indigenous to North America. They use an Algonquian lingo in their communications. These people were originally known to be nomads and they carried out their socioeconomic activities depending on the place where they were. Their semi-nomadic living exposed them to come into contact with various native Indian tribes and it is during and after the civil war that they started blending with some of these groups. During their nomadic way of life, they used to feed on what was available, where they were at that time ranging from corn to animal products. There are the absentee and the loyal Piqua Shawnee. The absentee Shawnee are those that moved to Mexico from the United States after the civil war.

These are Piqua Shawnee Tribe people who have spent all their lives ensuring that they keep their traditions pure. They always hold a lot of cultural festivals every year so that they can come together even with those people living far from Alabama. This helps them to maintain their relations, values and customs. It is during such event that the young ones are educated about their ethnic group including the rites of passage that they must go through.

Prior to their making contact with the Europeans, this ethnic group possessed a matrilineal system, whereby inheritance and descent followed paternal lines. Their government was headed by kings and it was inherited from one family member to the other, following maternal lines. Women were not allowed to inherit the governance but their sons and brothers were allowed to become the rulers.  The tribe was divided into divisions and every division had its chief ruler. Apart from governing the people on political matters, these people also provided guidance on spirituality matters. These days, this is not the case. Those that get to be in their government are chosen by the members of the ethnic group whereby they hold elections after a given period of time. For one to qualify to be a leader, they should have demonstrated loyalty to their people and also possess leadership skills. Know more about Shawnee tribes at

In its efforts to recognize and appreciate the existence of the Piqua tribe, the state administration designed Columbus Day which is celebrated together as the American Indian tradition day. Also, the administration facilitated the formation of a commission to help deal with their affairs. As a result, the tribe has come to be known as one of the official tribes in America.


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